6 стран, куда можно поехать без загранпаспорта

Rest without a passport does not necessarily imply a vacation in your native land. It is also an opportunity to draw attention to those countries wherever you have never gone, having the main travel document in hand! What can you do in the absence of a passport? Of course, traveling in the company of his Russian colleague, and where exactly — now we’ll tell!


The opportunity to organize a vacation in Armenia without a passport has appeared quite recently, and this is great news, because the country of the famous brandy can surprise tourists not only with alcohol!

Many people associate Armenia with history and antiquity. Yerevan  with its pink temples, mosque and Erebuni fortress is considered one of the oldest cities in the world. And around it dozens of monasteries, one more beautiful and older than the other: Khor Virap, located under the tutelage of the majestic Ararat; insanely photogenic Tatev and Noravank; cave monastery Geghard; and also the picturesque ruins of the Zvartnots church and the pagan temple in Garni.

However, Armenia has other surprises in store! How do you like the idea of ​​a summer vacation not in popular sea resorts, but on the shores of Lake Sevan, surrounded by mountain peaks, extinct volcanoes and excellent fish restaurants? By the way, those who want to improve their health can expect healing mineral springs nearby. Alternatively, you can go to the old town of Dilijan, famous for its boarding houses and sanatoriums. And yet Jermuk is considered the oldest balneological resort in the country: its thermal waters have been used for more than two millennia!

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In winter, Armenia also has something to do: for this, the Tsaghkadzor ski resort is open from December to March! Its slopes are ideal for starting a sports career, although there are slopes of medium difficulty. And, of course, at any time of the year this country will charm you with its cuisine: barbecue and dolma, khash and kyufta, unusual black lavash and a whole round dance of oriental sweets!

Moreover, Armenia is a great destination for ecotourism. Short hiking trails or multi-day hikes with a tent, mountain climbing or real mountaineering extreme… These and other ideas for active rest will be suggested by the Find Armenia website  .

By the way, we even have a whole guide to Armenia : enjoy!

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Belarus is our old brother and neighbor, so why shouldn’t it be on the list of countries where a passport is not needed? In addition, vacation here is very inexpensive, but full of impressions!

Belarus is famous for its ecotourism opportunities, because the local nature is one of the most virgin in all of Europe. Belovezhskaya Pushcha is a miraculously preserved primeval forest, where bison, contemporaries of mammoths live, and the residence of the local Father Frost is located nearby. The largest lake in the country, Naroch, has long attracted lovers of fishing and hunting. And the Braslav Lakes National Park promotes active tourism, offering scenic hiking trails. It is not surprising that a whole company of boarding houses and sanatoriums has gathered in Belarus with such nature. True, they treat here not only with fresh air, but also with mineral waters in combination with healing mud. For outdoor recreation with young travelers, we recommend choosing the eco-complex «Stankovo», and for more information about Belarusian agritourism, you should look at the Agrocomfort portal .

In winter, outdoor activities continue in the ski resorts of Belarus. Yes, they do exist! The most popular are Silichy and Logoisk, operating from December to March. Of course, these are not alpine slopes, but the trails here are well-groomed and perfect for beginners.

Belarus is also an ancient land with its own history. Ethnographic complexes in Dudutki and Strochitsy, the historical center of Grodno and Vitebsk, and many, many castles will help to make sure of this. The most famous of them are the luxurious Nesvizh and the TV star Mir Castle. In addition, one cannot but visit the symbol of Belarusian heroism, the legendary Brest Fortress!

And in Belarus there are several cool hotels located right in the castles !

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The capital of Kazakhstan, Astana , is similar in architecture to Dubai: buildings in the shape of a chupa-chups, a flying saucer or a giant tent are in the order of things here, but there is also a traditional component in the form of two snow-white mosques. Do not forget that the Great Silk Road ran through Kazakhstan, the evidence of which is still preserved in the ancient cities of Taraz and Turkestan.

You will be surprised, but the nature of Kazakhstan is not limited to the lifeless steppe! The waters of the Kolsay lakes and Kaindy, surrounded by fluffy Tien Shan forests, sparkle with azure spots on the map of the country. Lake Balkhash is extremely popular among fishermen and ordinary tourists who come here to swim and sunbathe. The multi-colored landscapes of Aktau, the as if foamed Katutau mountains and the Singing Dune, which justifies its name, attract fans of outdoor activities and unusual natural phenomena. Yes, and hurry up to see the drying Aral Sea: a little more and it may disappear altogether!

It is not boring in Kazakhstan in winter, when the slopes of the Zailiyskiy Alatau are covered with snow, and from November to May even famous athletes come here to ski, since the variety of tracks is designed for all categories of skiers. There is also a giant skating rink Medeo, considered the highest in the world. Look for even more interesting directions and tips on ecotourism in Kazakhstan on the Unique Kazakhstan portal .

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Kyrgyzstan is not popular among tourists and it’s in vain, because this is another country where you can go to rest without a passport!

Its main attraction is untouched nature, sometimes harsh and impregnable, but amazing in its beauty! First of all, go to Lake Issyk-Kul, where in summer you can swim in crystal clear brackish water, as if in the sea, and in winter — bask in thermal springs. And for extreme sports lovers, we recommend paragliding over the mountains in the Ak-Suu region instead.

By the way about the mountains! Kyrgyzstan is proud of its small slice of the legendary Pamir, where one of the most breathtaking high-altitude roads lies. Lazy people ride on it by car, and daredevils ride a bicycle. This region even got into our TOP of the most beautiful cycling routes in the world ! Less extreme, but not inferior in terms of impressions, mountain trails are worth looking for in the Altyn-Arashan gorge with natural thermal baths on the banks of a turbulent river or in the Ala-Archa region, where, in addition to 2- and 4-wheeled vehicles, you can ride horses. For unusual mountain pictures, go to the truly magical Skazka Canyon or to the foot of the Jety-Oguz striped rocks. And the Trip to Kyrgyzstan website will help you find the most original routes in Kyrgyzstan and accommodation options in an eco-style .

If the history of Kyrgyzstan interests you more than landscapes, then the Uzgen archaeological complex and the ancient caravanserai Tash Rabat are at your service, where tourists are offered real yurts for overnight stay! However, do not forget the picturesque Kyrgyz cities, Osh and Bishkek , with rich mosques and noisy oriental bazaars!

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In addition to the countries where you can travel without a passport, there is another corner on the world map where Russians can stay according to their civil document — this is an emerald land named Abkhazia. Despite the controversial status of the territory, rest here is always interesting and, by the way, very inexpensive!

Abkhazia is miles of semi-desert pebble beaches and fragrant pine hills rising straight from the coast. And hidden in the depths of the local mountains are such treasures as the New Athos cave and the eponymous monastery, thermal springs near the Galidzgi River and many lakes of unreal color, for example, Ritsa or Blue. In addition, in Abkhazia, you will find traditional Caucasian hospitality and the hospitality of local residents!

On the way to Abkhazia, many also drop by in Sochi, because there is also something to see and how to entertain yourself !

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Kaliningrad region

With the size of the country, we are undoubtedly lucky: without a passport, you can travel from Taimyr to the Caucasus and from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. And although the latter is officially part of Russia, this is not always felt on the spot. In the Kaliningrad region, like nowhere else, one can feel the breath of Europe, the architecture clearly shows the features of the German past, and the Baltic resorts evoke memories of a vacation on the Riga seaside.

You can come here just for a weekend: feel the Gothic power of the Cathedral, wander the streets of the Fish Village and drink coffee in a cozy lighthouse, plunge into the bright world of the sun stone in the Amber Museum and appreciate the courage of sailors by climbing into a real submarine. But this is just a minimum program! And for the «maximum» we will add here an underground bunker-museum or even more extreme military forts, we will take children to one of the best zoos in the country, and we will send history buffs to explore the old burgher quarters.

After a powerful cultural program, escape from Kaliningrad to the Curonian Spit to clear your head with the Baltic winds. Pair with the Dancing Forest and try not to get drunk with its pine aromas, enjoy the salty sea air walking along the romantic coastal dunes, and be sure to stay here until the evening to meet the wondrous northern sunset.

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